Vocode in The New York Times

06 maart 2020

Installation of Vocode by Fillip Studios, now mentioned in the New York Times

Vocode “the most compelling piece in the exhibition” according to The New York Times

“…Three of the works in the exhibition are newly commissioned, bringing us up to present-day uses of text in art.

A long black pen is suspended by an invisible thread over a table. It dances over a sheet of white paper, making tiny black marks. Underneath, the table vibrates like a drum, responding to what is coming out of a speaker mounted to its side.

This work, ‘Vocode‘, is creating a visual record of 86 nearly-extinct languages that are listed in UNESCO’s atlas of the world’s endangered tongues. Even, Chontal, Trumai, Waima’a and Savosavo are a few of the languages the artists chose.

Created by Fillip Studios, or the art duo Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek, the artwork is the most recent piece in the exhibition and perhaps the most compelling. In it, we find ourselves boomeranged back to the beginning of the narrative: Text is once again converted into a visual art.”

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By Photos by Marjon Gemmeke