Visit Fillip Studios twice at Dutch Design Week 2021

16 oktober 2021

Close-up of Maacq Oase layers, designed by Fillip Studios and Omlab

This Dutch Design Week, Fillip Studios presents two new projects at two different locations: Adaptable Auxetics and Maacq Oase. Read on to find out more about these projects and the general theme of DDW21.

In response to the corona crisis and the questions that it indirectly evoked about climate change, inclusivity, wellbeing and much more, Dutch Design Week 2021 calls for reflection and change with the theme The Greater Number: “a future where there is a constant search for a better number — sometimes less, sometimes more but then of higher quality, and sometimes simply different.” During DDW21, this quest is explored from four different perspectives or subthemes: It’s In Our NatureThings That MatterCabinet of Collaborations and One Size Won’t Fit All. Fillip Studios is represented in two of these subthemes:

Pi Lab: Adaptable Auxetics

Animation of the random auxetic generator by TU Eindhoven

At Cabinet of Collaborations, Pi Lab (an initiative by Fillip Studios) presents Adaptable Auxetics — an exploration of the beautiful characteristics of randomly generated auxetic structures and its application in healthcare. The basis for the structure is developed by the team of Soft Matter and Biological Physics from Eindhoven University of Technology, who coded an algorithm that randomly generates auxetic patterns.

Our exhibition at DDW21 is also an open call: Pi Lab believes that auxetic structures can have great potential in the fields of architecture and spatial design. Therefore, we are looking for partners that are interested in jointly researching this further. If you or someone you know is interested, meet us personally at DDW21 or get in touch now.

Location Fuutlaan Hall, Fuutlaan 14M, Eindhoven.
Opening hours 11.00-18.00

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Adaptable Auxetics on the website of DDW
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Omlab x Fillip Studios: Maacq Oase

Close-up of Maacq Oase layers, designed by Fillip Studios and Omlab

In Maacq Oase, Omlab and Fillip Studios work together on a circular solution to counteract the harmful effects of nitrogen deposition in nature, while making the process visible to passers-by. A special paste (extracted from water purification plants) is 3D-printed into objects that — once placed in nature — slowly dissolve and release calcium into the ground, reducing nitrogen acidification. This way, a human residual flow helps nature to restore itself.

Omlab is responsible for developing the eco-friendly, 3D-printable paste out of waste material from (sewage) water purification plants — and a 3D-printer to process it. Fillip Studios explored the technology conceptually resulting in layered 3D-printed sculptures.

Location Klokgebouw, Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven.
Opening hours 11.00-18.00

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Fillip Studios at Dutch Design Week

All practical information for visitors of DDW21 can be found on this page.
For the main locations, including the embassies, you’ll need a regular DDW ticket (€21) that grants access for all 9 days.

We hope to see you at DDW21!


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