A preserving ode to languages that are on the verge of extinction





When a language is lost, the connection that people have with a specific place and its community weakens. For Not in so many words in Kröller-Müller, Fillip Studios selected 139 languages from the UNESCO atlas of the world’s languages in danger, including Éven, Chantal, Trumai, Waima’s and Savosavo.

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The Canorgraphy technique used for this installation was developed by Meerman in 2014 and converts sound into a graphic image. In Vocode, speaking the language not only makes the air vibrate, but also a special pen that dances over lines of the frequenties. This makes a sound not only audible, but also visible. 


Listen to the languages through the little speaker

Every day a unique drawing is created, whereby a language that initially could only be under-stood by the indigenous community is translated into an image that can be understood and experienced by all. 

Photography by Michele Giebing

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