Organic Iterations

Merging voices between history, technology and art

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Merging voices between history, technology and art

In Organic Iterations #1, a church organ comes to life through three large pillars. When the organ is sung to, it responds by singing along. The organ engages in a playful collaboration with the visitor, creating unique compositions each time. A mixture of different voices is created: that of the organ, the visitors, the algorithm and the history of the church.

Creating a composition together

Three large pillars are spread across the church floor in a triangular arrangement. The pillars, inspired in shape by the pipes of the historic Strümphler organ, tower into the air. Inside the tube of each of the pillars is a microphone. When sung into, the pillar adjusts its tone to the visitor’s input, which is distributed through the space from speakers at the top of the pillars. Each pillar has its own function and story in the ensemble, giving each pillar an individual timbre, creating a unique setting.

Blending sound, space, history and present

Organic Iterations was developed from the desire to make the culture and history of the church understandable and accessible. By collaborating with a team of professionals from various fields, we bring together different stories in this work. We aim to let viewers look at a familiar phenomenon through a new perspective. Where does the sound come from and how does the organ behave in response to my voice? As the work draws a connection between the sound and the space on the one hand, but within that, also between the past and the present, history and technology are made tangible and experienceable.

Performance with the organ

Over the course of two years, Fillip Studios is developing three different works of art with and for the Eusebius Church. The history and characteristics of this church form the conceptual starting point for the installations. These are divided into three themes: sharing, dissent and connection.

At the end of September, our new work Organic Iterations opened at the Eusebius Church in Arnhem. It was celebrated with a performance brought by three singers and the work itself, after which visitors could try the interactive installation themselves.

Read more about the opening night in this article.

New use of material

To realize the installation, we collaborated with a technique that is not often used in the art world: ventilation ducts from R-Vent. The technique exactly matched our aesthetic and acoustic wishes. The material is lightweight and translates the look and feel of the organ pipe into a contemporary version.



Organic Iterations is on view until the end of February 2024 at the Eusebius Church in Arnhem. It is shown in the Annachapel, which is open everyday from 10:00 (10AM) until 17:00 (5PM). If you visit, we would love to see it on our socials through @fillipstudios, using the hashtag #OrganicIterations.


Concept & Design by Fillip Studios
Metalwork by R-vent
Woodwork by Boys With Wood

Organic Iterations is made possible by:
Stichting Eusebius Arnhem
Gemeente Arnhem

Video by Dirk Lentz

Interested in exhibiting Organic Iterations at your location?

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