Maacq Oase

A cycle of elements: recovering nature with residual flows

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A circular solution to nitrogen deposition

In Maacq Oase, residual flows from humans are returned to nature with 3D-printed sculptures that slowly dissolve by natural erosion, offering a circular solution to counter the effects of nitrogen deposition in nature.

Maacq Oase is a collaboration of Fillip Studios and Omlab, a circular and bio-based design studio.

Made of ‘waste’ materials

Maacq Oase is made of materials that are extracted from water purification plants and are usually incinerated. Out of these waste materials, Omlab developed a 3D-printable paste with calcite as its main ingredient — and a 3D printer to process it.

3D-printable paste made as solution to nitrogen deposition

From design research to improved biodiversity

Through design research, Fillip Studios developed 3D-printable sculptures that — once placed in nature — slowly dissolve and release calcium into the ground. This helps reduce the negative effects of nitrogen acidification.

In addition, different types of site-specific seeds are added to stimulate plant diversity, while holes in various sizes provide shelter for animals and insects.

Maacq Oase gives nature a chance to recover.

The design of Maacq Oase

Fillip Studios’ designs visually emphasize the multiple layers of the project. Layers with different colours and organic shapes are reminiscent of natural soil erosion, while geometric shapes remind us of human influence on nature. With Maacq Oase, Fillip Studios and Omlab give people the opportunity to use this influence in a positive way.

Due to erosion by wind and rain, the object will eventually be completely absorbed into nature.

Visualisation of Maacq Oase dissolving in nature, while releasing calcium and locally improving biodiversity

Logo of Dutch Design Week (DDW)

Maacq Oase was presented at Dutch Design Week 2021 in the exhibition It’s In Our Nature. The set-up represents a timeline in which the 3D-printed sculpture dissolves into nature and simultaneously improves local biodiversity.

Curated by Marleen van Bergeijk
Exhibition art direction by Raul Correa-Smith
Production by Jeroen Hol

Publication in form Designmagazin

Maacq Oase was featured in an issue of form Designmagazin (Germany) about nature. — Read about it here.

form Designmagazin about nature, featuring Fillip Studios' project Maacq Oase


Maacq Oase is a collaboration with Omlab, who developed the material with AquaMinerals B.V., Energie- & Grondstoffenfabriek and Kaumera.

Materials supplied by AquaMinerals B.V. (calcite), Kaumera (Kaumera Nereda® Gum) and Recell® (recell-cellulose).

Join us in the development of Maacq Oase

We are searching for companies to collaborate with on the application of Maacq Oase in nitrogen-acidified environments.

If you are interested in collaborating or just want to know more about Maacq Oase, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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