A soft access to faded memories






Get in the Ring 2017

Pleyade Design Contest

Toekomstbouwers 2018

The project Kozie derived from the art piece Tactile Orchestra. It is developed for people with Dementia. By touching the Kozie objects, they will produce sounds. The user can listen to his or her favorite music, audiobooks or recorded stories from family members. The soft access to memories, which seem to be faded away. 

KozieMe_photography Michiel Spijkers

KozieMe - photo by Michiel Spijkers


By stroking you can make that beautiful walk through the forest. Hear the birds sing, a brook flow and a dog bark in the distance. Just like the old days. With KozieWe you can bring outdoors inside. By touching the wall object it produces forest and city sounds.

Campagne 21-08-201836772-DEF 1

The installation Tactile Orchestra forms the basic principle behind Kozie. 

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