A soft access to faded memories

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Kozie brings a feeling of home.

From the art piece Tactile Orchestra (a fabric-covered panel that plays an orchestra once touched) Fillip Studios developed Kozie: a line of products for people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Kozie inspires a sense of comfort and security. — Video by Halfvol

Reviving memories

Sounds and music can bring back faded memories and reconnect people with their environment. Kozie allows the user to access these memories in an intuitive and personal way.

By touching the object, the user can listen to anything that helps them feel at home: their favorite music, nature sounds, audiobooks or recorded stories from family members.

Alone or with others

The innovative design was developed into two models, KozieMe and KozieWe:


KozieMe is a pillow made for individuals to feel at home when they are alone. The audio can be customized by uploading favourite songs and sounds or voice messages from family and friends.



KozieWe is a wall panel that offers a shared experience, which makes it suitable for public areas in, for instance, retirement homes.

By stroking the wall object together, it produces forest and city sounds and reinforces the connection between both the users and their environment.

Campagne 21-08-201836772-DEF 1

KozieWe wall panel: reviving faded memories together.

The installation Tactile Orchestra forms the basic principle behind Kozie.

Publication on Billboard: Music Plays a Leading Role in New Health Products for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Cover photo by Michele Giebing
All other photos by Michiel Spijkers

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