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From a code that is always the same, an image is created that is always unique.

Itero consists of 500 iterations that originated from an interplay between an algorithm and chance.

The algorithm, designed by Fillip Studios, makes a line search for growth in a confined space. Sometimes it has a hard time searching for the right shape — that’s where it crosses itself.

Itero challenges you to look beyond the surface, to the possibilities that emerge through it.


An intriguing play of light and lines

The combination of Itero’s shape, material and technique creates an intriguing play of light and lines that changes with the viewpoint of the spectator.

Therefore, Itero stands out well when it’s placed at a small distance from a wall or in front of a window.

Each Itero is unique

The intricate, unique patterns are laser-cut in a sheet of Refelt (felt made from recycled PET bottles) or paper-laminated poplar wood. All Iteros are engraved with their unique number.

Close-up of Itero by Fillip Studios, laser-cut in Refelt recycled felt

The Refelt-series of Itero was commissioned by the Art Committee Burgemeesterswijk Arnhem and designed by Fillip Studios.

Later on, a larger version in paper-laminated poplar wood was installed at Nelson Bar and Restaurant in Arnhem.

Interested in an Itero yourself? Send us a message. We can supply a wall spacer as well.

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