An invitation to look behind the surface





Itero consists of 500 iterations that originated from an interplay between an algorithm and chance.

From a code that is always the same, an image is created that is unique for everyone. Itero challenges you to look beyond the surface, to the possibilities that emerge through it.


Every Itero is created with a generated algorithm designed by Fillip Studios. The intricate, unique patterns are lasercutted into a sheet of Refelt, a felt made from recycled PET bottles and all engraved with their unique number.

Itero can be hanged onto a wall or in front of a window with the supplied spacer. Due to the thickness of the material and the perspective of the viewer, the cut-out lines will play with the light in an intriguing way.


This series of Itero is commissioned by the Art Committee Burgemeesterswijk Arnhem and designed by Fillip Studios. The recycled PET-felt is made and sponsored by Refelt.

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