Aera Fabrica

An inventive experiment; the inflated possibilities of 3D printing

Computer-controlled objects changes into organic forms, with a surface that almost looks like draped textile. Sometimes as thin as a sandwich bag, and sometimes very sturdy. Properties that can be used both aesthetically and functionally.

The technique Aera Fabrica is a combination of blow moulding, glass blowing and 3D printing.  From an experiment with stretching plastic, the studio moved to seeing the plastic form as a balloon that you can blow up. By heating up the balloon, it is made flexible and can be transformed. Cooling it, solidifies the form again.


In contrast with the glassblowing technique, with the Aera Fabrica process, you determine the form before the inflating process, which allows us to more influence on the final form.

The possibilities of the technique functions as a great inspiration for applications in our living conditions. Architecture that adapts to the circumstances that you need. Rooms that can disappear and change. But also on a small scale: transforming objects that can fulfill various functions in your body.

At the moment Fillip Studios is further developing the process and researching the different possible applications together with TU/e.

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