Maacq Oase in form Designmagazin (Germany)

30 december 2021

form Designmagazin about nature, featuring Fillip Studios' project Maacq Oase
Maacq Oase in form Designmagazin from Germany

Biodegradable products

Germany-based form Designmagazin has featured Maacq Oase in their issue on nature, amongst other biodegradable products like Sneature (a biodegradable sneaker) and Loop Living Cocoon (a biodegradable coffin). We are honoured to have earned a spot in such an aesthetically designed and well-written design magazine!

Maacq Oase in form Designmagazin — translation

“Many artefacts are created to last. Very few man-made objects leave this earth quietly. Maacq Oase, on the contrary, is an object whose function it is to disappear — and to do so as impactfully as possible. Dutch designers Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek of Fillip Studios, in collaboration with Omlab — a design studio that explores bio-based alternatives to 3D concrete printing — developed an object that can and should be absorbed entirely by nature. The 3D-printed structure is made from waste materials from water treatment facilities that are usually incinerated. Gradually, the structure made of cellulose and Kaumera (a sludge granulate) dissolves through weather and rain to counteract the nitrogen acidification of the soil by releasing calcium. In addition, seeds are added to the object’s layers to stimulate the biodiversity of flora and fauna.”


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