Launch of Pi Lab at Dutch Design Week 2020

17 oktober 2020

Launch of Pi Lab at DDW: Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek standing in front of the innovation space

Launch Pi Lab on DDW

During Dutch Design Week 2020, we launch Pi Lab: a research laboratory where artists, scientists and engineers jointly explore the new creative and innovative possibilities within mathematics and physics.

Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek of Fillip Studios work together with researchers from TU Eindhoven and Fontys Engineering. In the coming years, this research will lead to new works of art, new scientific knowledge and innovative applications.

“We combine art, science, technology and business to achieve a faster and better impact on our society,” said Tom Kortbeek (Fillip Studios). “We go beyond a one-off project and want to build a structure in which these disciplines can continue to strengthen each other.”

During DDW, Pi Lab will be launched in the special online 3D room that has been set up on the Dutch Design Week website. Visit our 3D room here

Research #1 Aera Fabrica

In the research project Aera Fabrica, 3D printed objects are inflated to increase in volume. Due to the unique inflation process, the objects can also be returned to their original shape. As a result, the technology has great potential for sustainable solutions for packaging, the medical industry and architecture.

To exploit this potential, several business partners are participating in the research. Together with a group of companies consisting of Sioux Technologies, Ultimaker, BASF and Makerpoint, the researchers are working on a better understanding of the technique and the materials to be applied in various new products.