Innovationlabs #1 launched at DDW23: Fillip Studios develops exhibition design

29 november 2023

231124 INO artikel opening1

In 2020, Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL issued the open call for Innovationlabs. Sixteen innovative and experimental projects were selected to tackle current challenges in the cultural and creative sector, and to increase the sector’s resilience. Their results and processes were presented in the exhibition ‘Innovationlabs #1 presents: The Living Archive’, which Fillip Studios designed and developed.

The sixteen projects all have unique stories and processes. One project (Unlocking Fashion Heritage) makes 3D scans of museum pieces – such as a century-old dress – to unlock historical fashion knowledge for a wide audience. Another (De Kunst Van Later) explores solutions to make pension accrual more accessible for cultural and creative self-employed workers. They all have one goal in common: exploring how innovation and experiment can add to the diversity and resilience of the sector. The exhibition serves as a platform to share all the gathered knowledge throughout the projects.

The diverse projects come together through a field of custom-made file cabinets, highlighting the huge amount of lessons learned throughout the projects. “As designers and developers of the concept of this exhibition, we’re proud to have turned such complex and diverse stories into something that can be experienced by all”, co-founder Tom Kortbeek states.

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Co-founder Roos Meerman explains, “In terms of materials and methods, our goal was to realize the exhibition as sustainably as possible. Not only do the file cabinets and boxes translate the story behind Innovationlabs, the choice of materials also allows for easy assembly, storage and future reuse of the exhibition.”

The archive visualizes the never-ending character of innovation and experiment. During Dutch Design Week, the exhibition kept growing by input of visitors, which they were able to add to interactive parts of the exhibition.

Although the Dutch Design Week has ended, the living archive keeps on growing. The second open call that was issued by Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL in 2021 will be exhibited in 2024.

231124 INO artikel opening2

Innovatielabs at Dutch Design Week

Program Lead Creative Industries Fund NL and CLICKNL
Exhibition concept & design by Fillip Studios
Visual identity by Studio de Ronners
Construction by Studio Onder Constructie

Photos in this article by Clara Gus


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