A deeper dive into Arabidopsis Symphony: Sander van der Krol about plant research

For Bio Orchestra, Tom Kortbeek from Fillip Studios and Sander van der Krol from Wageningen University analyzed the growth of Arabidopsis Thaliana plants

A deeper dive into the world of plants with dr.ir. Sander van der Krol

In view of our newest project Arabidopsis Symphony — which visualizes the hidden growth processes of plants — we wanted to shed some light on the extensive research done by Sander van der Krol (Wageningen Plant Research). Next to technical details about plants and research methods, we asked him about his vision of plant life, why he is so fascinated by it, and how Arabidopsis Symphony came about. The below text is based on Sander’s own words.

Thanks to Eindhoven Design District, Arabidopsis Symphony remains at its Dutch Design Week location (Wilhelminaplein in Eindhoven) until February 11th, 2023.

No worries if you missed our installation at Dutch Design Week 2022: Arabidopsis Symphony can be visited and (above all) experienced in Eindhoven until February 11th! So head over to the Wilhelminaplein as soon as you get the chance. As the weather will change from autumn to winter, we highly recommend visiting at least twice, preferably at different times of the day. Why? Because our digital plants react to real-time data of local weather conditions and time of day — just like real plants do.

Eindhoven Design District aims to make the strong design field in Eindhoven more visible throughout the city, and especially throughout the year (not only during Dutch Design Week). In close cooperation with the municipality of Eindhoven and local residents and entrepreneurs, we were able to install our project for an extended time. The support of Eindhoven Design District also made it possible to create a sturdy, weather-proof column that will last through winter.

Our column with QR codes can be found by navigating to Wilhelminaplein 9 in Eindhoven.

Get to know more about Arabidopsis Symphony
Read about the official launch during Dutch Design Week

Current location: Atlanta, USA

After visiting Vienna, our new project Arabidopsis Symphony has landed in Atlanta (USA) as part of Atlanta Design Festival! Find our installation in ‘The Yard’, the green area in front of Ponce City Market.

The weather in Atlanta is the complete opposite of Vienna (sunny and warm versus rainy and cold), which means that the look and sound of our digital plants are entirely different. Why? Because real-time data on weather and time of day influence how the plants react to their environment — just like real plants do. Visit us, and explore the inner world of plants through augmented reality and music.

Our presence in Atlanta was made possible by World Design Weeks, Creative Industries Fund NL, and Dutch Culture USA, a program of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York.

Get to know more about Arabidopsis Symphony

Hybrid Exhibition: merging the off- and online exhibition experience

How can a digital ‘layer’ elevate a physical experience, and the other way around? Does the answer to this question provide new ways for people to take part in an exhibition, even if they are not able to visit physically?

Anne Pieterse and Fillip Studios proudly present Hybrid Exhibition, a research project that investigates these questions. Here, we merge the power of paper with the magic of augmented reality and the convenience of video calls.

Visualization of Hybrid Exhibition with paper poster, augmented reality and video call by the artist

Now everyone can attend exhibition openings from their own home.

Through a paper invitation, we share part of the exhibition in a floor plan, which contains an AR layer to have a closer look at the work. Moreover, online visitors can tune in at a scheduled time for a live video tour with one of the artists.

Increased accessibility and inclusiveness

Initially, the goal for Hybrid Exhibition was to be prepared for another round of Covid-19 measures, but the framework that arose along the way turned out to be a useful tool for increasing accessibility and inclusiveness in the broadest sense of the word.

Receiving a paper invitation makes the experience special, memorable and tangible.

Receiving a paper invitation makes it special, memorable and tangible.

More information

Want to know more? Have a look at our Hybrid Exhibition brochure (PDF).

If you would like to incorporate more accessibility and inclusiveness in your projects or exhibitions, contact us to receive our hybrid toolkit for free.

Hybrid Exhibition is a project by Fillip Studios and Anne Pieterse in the context of the program ‘Bouwen aan Talent’ (Building Talent) from Creative Industries Fund NL. In the program, young designers are matched with established design agencies to develop a project together.