Fillip Studios opens Arabidopsis Symphony at Museum Arnhem

04 augustus 2023


After nine months of travel, Arabidopsis Symphony has returned to Arnhem. The interactive outdoor experience opened on June 15th in the museum garden of Museum Arnhem and will be on display there until October 1st, 2023.

A festive opening welcomed Arabidopsis Symphony back to its native soil on a sun-drenched afternoon last month. Saskia Bak – director at Museum Arnhem – gave a lovely welcome speech, after which Tom Kortbeek & Roos Meerman of Fillip Studios spoke to introduce the experience. Scientist Sander van der Krol gave insight into his extensive research on the Arabidopsis plant, an essential part of the work process. Fillip Studios’ sound designer Siebe de Vries explained, “In each different stage of growth, from small to very large, each plant has been given it’s own musical voice based on Sander’s charts. I challenge you to look for all the different sounds of the little plants.”


Arabidopsis Symphony is unique every time and everywhere. The Arabidopsis plant grows worldwide but behaves differently in each continent. Because it can respond instantly to changes in its habitat, the data extracted from the plant varies by place and circumstance. The outdoor experience in Arabidopsis Symphony is based on this varying data. As a result, the installation sounds different in each location, but the sound also varies by time of day, weather conditions and soil properties. If the installation is visited at different times, this can be experienced.

Arabidopsis Symphony can be seen until October 1, 2023. Museum Arnhem is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 (11 AM) until 17:00 (5 PM). The museum garden is freely accessible.

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