Aera Fabrica featured in Designing Lightness

01 april 2020

Aera Fabrica in Designing Lightness - 3D-printed objects blown up
Aera Fabrica in Designing Lightness; cover of book

Aera Fabrica in Designing Lightness by Ed van Hinte and Adriaan Beukers

“It takes a designer to drag 3D printing out of its comfort zone. In her graduation project ‘Aera Fabrica’, Arnhem design researcher Roos Meerman wanted to discover hidden qualities in plastics and decided to experiment with 3D-printed hollow shapes. Her idea was to heat and inflate them and let them cool down again, to find out what would happen. It was a basic hands-on procedure requiring a bucket of warm water and a simple pump. The result consists of promising and colourful transparant objects and a new line of potential for discovery.”


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