Aera Fabrica exhibited at CODA ExperienceLab

17 mei 2022

Aera Fabrica exhibited at CODA ExperienceLab in an exhibition on 3D printing and craftsmanship
Aera Fabrica at CODA ExperienceLab opening klein

Aera Fabrica exhibited at CODA ExperienceLab from May 21st to November 22nd, 2022

On May 21s, the exhibition ‘3D printen: een dimensie in vakmanschap‘ (3D printing: a dimension in craftmanship) opened at CODA ExperienceLab in Apeldoorn (NL). Included is Aera Fabrica, an exploration of inflated 3D-printed objects, exhibited in a lab-like set-up.

During the running time of the exhibition (until November 22), our co-founder Roos Meerman will host two workshops around the main theme — more info on those soon!

About the exhibition

“The exhibition 3D printing: a dimension in craftsmanship combines innovative technology and craft. With works by artists and designers and pieces produced in CODA ExperienceLab, attention is paid to the technology of 3D printing as an essential part of crafting processes. In this exhibition, you discover the applicability of this technology and how 3D printing enriches and expands the possibilities in the production and realisation of art and design objects. For example, 3D printing adds value to the design process, offers the possibility to realise a unique innovative application or provides a counter-movement to mass production. You will encounter objects that have been made with a 3D printer and are modified or ‘blown up’ afterwards, or even made with a 3D printer that has been manipulated to create a final product.” (Translated from a Dutch text by CODA)


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