Aera Fabrica at Bozar Brussels

24 april 2015

Aera Fabrica at Bozar Brussels: visitors looking at the 3D printed objects

Aera Fabrica at Bozar Brussels as part of the exhibition MAKING A DIFFERENCE / A DIFFERENCE IN MAKING

MAKING A DIFFERENCE / A DIFFERENCE IN MAKING explores the added value of 3D Printing – a groundbreaking manufacturing technology likely to be critical in the next decades – for the lives of individuals, our society and the environment. The exhibition features 3D-printed works of art, design, engineering and scientific fields by renowned artists, designers, public initiatives and prestigious research institutions, as well as by unknown innovative makers.

The exhibition looks at 3D Printing with both the eyes of fascination and a deeper observation of its consequences. Visitors are invited to discover a production technology that allows us to make things differently, and also ponder how it can help individuals, enable social changes and positively contribute to the environment. In other words, how 3D Printing is making a difference.

The exhibition made its first appearance at Bozar, the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Materialise, a pioneering Belgian company dedicated to the engineering, development and application of 3D Printing. Curated by Marta Malé-Alemany, it was always the intention to make the collection a travelling exhibition. In September 2016, the highly reputed Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, will be the second location to host the collection, exploring the impact of new technology on the processes of design.

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