28 grams of happiness at Dutch Design Week 2018

21 oktober 2018

28 grams of happiness on Dutch Design Week 2018 featuring Aera Fabrica by Fillip Studios (in front)

Fillip Studios is part of 28 grams of happiness at Dutch Design Week 2018

28 grams of happiness is a food design experience by The Eatelier & Pippens and exhibition curated by Justine Kontou.

Surrounding the food experience is the exhibition 28 grams of happiness, curated by Justine Kontou. This joyful, sensorial exhibition experiments with colours, shapes and materials to create an environment that also brings people in a positive state of mind. It will present how art and design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content and/or gratefulness. Bringing the total experience to a complete journey through the pursuit of happiness.

Justine’s goal is to create a sensorial experience, that brings visitors into the “present moment”: a place where a person can nurture her/himself and share an exceptional experience with others.

A combination of circular, organic and geometric shapes in bright, cheerful and light colours have been carefully selected. For example, work by design studio RIVE ROSHAN, who are known for their deep interest in colour, texture and materiality; FILLIP STUDIOS will show a multi sensorial installation with soft, tactile textures, which visitors can explore; and studio ENRICHERS, known for their experiences based on neuroscience, will enrich the exhibition with tools to stimulate movement and interaction. ALISSA + NIENKE show their unique interpretation of surface design: creating materials that build intriguing and enriched spaces for those who live or work in them.

KozieWe on Dutch Design Week 2018 as part of 28 grams of happiness

Fillip Studios presented Aera Fabric and KozieWe (photo above)

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