Fillip Studios Arnhem_Dynamorphosis_Lactility-3
Fillip Studios_Vocode_sound into image-13
Arabidopsis Symphony by Fillip Studios_credits Fillip Studios-16
Maacq Oase on display at Dutch Design Week 2021 - a timeline of dissolving in nature
Fillip Studios creates impact through wonder - sensory artworks
Aera Fabrica objects by Roos Meerman from Fillip Studios
Visitors interacting with Tactile Orchestra at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York
Vocode by Fillip Studios translates sound into image by making a pen dance on paper
Bio Orchestra by Tom Kortbeek from Fillip Studios turns the hidden dynamics of the Arabidopsis Thaliana plant into a musical composition
Itero by Fillip Studios_algorithm iterations artwork_digital hybrid art